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Your next big customerstar employee key contactqualified leadcorporate partnertrusted vendoris hiding in your company’s email.

Start with common ground.

Trove finds meaningful relationships between the people in your network - so you can make better, faster professional connections.

We’ll meet you wherever you work.


Trove’s integration for Salesforce is constantly looking for connections within your company’s full network to uncover new opportunities.

Gmail / Chrome

Get more out of your company's Gmail. Trove's AI quickly learns about your email recipients and helps you easily connect with them.


Every email creates a new connection - and Trove’s Outlook integration shows your growing network right alongside your conversations.


See who your team knows within an organization, and send your new contacts a request to connect - without ever leaving Slack.



Trove uses the metadata from your email history to surface meaningful relationships and connections between people. These connections can be combined across an entire company — creating an active, searchable view into a team's true reach.

Real Path™

The strongest way to create new relationships is through introductions from people you already trust. Search your company's collective network, and see the best paths within the team to a warm referral.

Personal Intelligence

The time has come for a professional network that does some of the work for you. Stop blindly sending friend requests to strangers, and start acting on data that's derived from your reality.


Connect your company.

Trove can turn your company email into a searchable, data driven network.

Select your company’s provider to get everyone set up at once.

Experience Trove.

Better introductions and a more rewarding network are just a few clicks away.

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