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Trove is the smartest way to manage, use, and grow your personal network. It's the networking app you've always needed and won't be able to live without.

Trove is your forever network.

You meet people everywhere: by email, on Twitter, Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn… you get it. The more people you meet, the harder it is to keep track of them. Trove combines your contacts from multiple sources so you can have the power of your network in your pocket wherever you go — whether it's from school to work, home to the office, or job to job.

Build relationships on quality, not quantity.

What good is a large network if you don't really know half your contacts? Make stronger connections with Trove. Trove's cutting-edge technology helps you effortlessly nurture the connections that matter, and finds meaningful new networking opportunities based on your interests.

Tap into your community's connections.

Trove is all about helping you find the right people at the right time. Easily trade referrals and recommendations with your Trove network, and meet people through communities that match your needs. Trove will even help you seal the deal with easy workflows for introductions and keeping in touch.

But really, your network could change your life.

And we’re not just saying that.

headshot of Nolan Orfield, founder and CTO of ShapeLog
Nolan Orfield
Founder / CTO, ShapeLog, Inc.

“Introductions are so important. You think back the history of your company how one person and one introduction can really be a game-changer. We've just started to get a taste of what Trove can unlock for us and it's been powerful. We're really excited for what it's done and I think it's gonna change your entire strategy moving forward.”

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